Piston Ring, Packing Ring & Oil Wiper Ring

Product Details

Piston Rings :
Aeroflon piston rings are made as per piston and cylinder dimensions and specifications to suit various gas services. Accurate diameters with appropriate gaps help users to achieve best possible results while in operation under tough conditions. Various designs and suitable materials are chosen for service in different compressors to get optimal results.

Rider Rings :
Aeroflon rider rings, similar to the piston rings are chosen in accordance to the piston rings and give optimal support to the expensive piston and protect the even more expensive liner. Materials normally softer than the liners are chosen for such protection.

Rod Seal Rings :
Aeroflon produces high circularity Packing rings or seal rings with accurate thickness so that there is no passage between the piston rod and the packing cups, ensuring accurate sealing and lowest losses of expensive gases. The seal rings with accuracy also protect the piston rod from any sagging or scoring while containing the gases from leaking through the chamber into the crank case. Here again we offer variety of materials including high end durable polymers to run smoothly for longer life in different gas applications. Packing rings are lapped in very high pressure applications to get even better sealings with the cups.

Oil Wiper Rings :
Aeroflon manufactures these rings again in soft metals and at times in polymers also. These avoid oil or oil fumes arising from the crank case through the cross head and connecting rods to enter the gas chamber, thus protecting wastage of expensive oil and saving the gas from contamination.

Our Speciality

We manufacture Piston Rings and Rider Rings for a range of compressors pertaining to different and specialized industrial applications ranging from bottling to pharmaceuticals to defense.
We use different High Grade Materials like CFT (Carbon Filled Teflon), BFT (Bronze Filled Teflon), (GFT) Glass Filled Teflon to manufacture Piston Rings and Rider Rings depending on the application and specific customer needs.
We are on the very few Manufacturers of Piston Rings and Rider Rings who manufacture our range of Rings using ultra-high quality MGM-Teflon
We possess an expertise in developing Rings for old and outdated compressors and odd sized Rings for super-specialty industrial applications.
Aeroflon’s high quality Packings ensure that air is not leaked out of the cylinder during the operation of the compressor
A rigorous internal quality checking system ensures that the Packings are manufactured as per standard specification and their performance is within established tolerance limits


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