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The valve of a Reciprocating Compressor is considered to be the heart of the equipment, the success of a good designed valve is dependent solely upon the process in which it is being manufactured. Aeroflon ensures that you get the best material which is free from any defect and are leak proof. Our Valves Bodies are made from different materials like Graded Cast iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and in some cases non ferrous alloys to suit different work environments and needs of the compressors and its service. All valves are precisely manufactured with inter-stage quality tests during production.

Aeroflon has a large inventory of valves of different varieties including ported plate, channel type, concentric ring, poppet type as well as others. Valves manufactured by us can sustain different operating pressures in variable circumstances varying from vacuum to 10000 psig. Our compressor valves perform optimally even at high speeds of 1500 RPM.

The valves are manufactured to suit all weather and environment, including applications in bone dry to wet gases as well as corrosive gases. The valves manufactured by Aeroflon are not only compatible with the original equipments, these valves are equivalent or supercede in performance, efficiency and service life with modified designs and materials.

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Specializing in Valves and Valve technologies and the manufacture of Valves and Valve Accessories
We are an authority in manufacturing Valves and Valve Accessories for High Pressure Air Compressors having pressures ranging from 20 bars up to 80 bar which we keep in ready stock for any emergency or urgent requirements. (5091)
We manufacture Valves for old machines and specialized valves can be custom made according to customer specification including valves for imported machines.


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